Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Something's Gunna Happen Around Here Soon

Here's a hint!


Couldn't help posting these pictures from the same day back in August 2008!

They have nothing to do with the surprise . . . these pictures of my babies just made me smile!


Since I'm a little behind on blogging, it feels strange to be writing a post on inches of snow when it's a balmy 63 degrees outside.  (Not to worry.  Tomorrows high -- 26 degrees and plenty of white stuff in the forecast. Brrr!)
A few weeks back, we had quite the winter storm come through and dump a lot of snow on us.  After the Knight and I shoved the driveway, he and the kids had some fun throwing snowballs.

While we spent New Years Day at Nana & Pappy's house, the kids (big & little) spent some time outside in the snow.  They found a little slope to sled on.
The Knight & Princess Sparkle

Pappy shoving Princess Butterfly off on her coffin ride.

Pappy found sleds for the kids in the dumpster at a job site.  They were thrilled!


Monday, January 7, 2013

What's New With Bud

Kindergarden is an exciting stage in life!  A time of learning so many new things.

This past week I have enjoyed watching Bud as he is catching on to new concepts.  Today while he was watching his reading class video (which is pre-reading time with mom), a few kids each read a word.  I tell him to try to read each word along with the students on the video.  I watched him pause the video and start looking around his desk area.  He looked up at the crayon visual aids we have on the wall, then he turned the video back on and said, "Red."  I looked over his shoulder at his book and he had the word red in his reader.  He was trying to jog his memory as to how to say the word.  I was impressed he recognized it as something familiar.

He is just beginning to read.  He's a little behind on letter recognition, so we've started playing games to brush up on his letters.  He loves this idea I found on, where else, but PINTEREST!!!  He stacks the cups in alphabetical order.  I've since added the letters to the top of the cup as well as to the lip of the cups.  It makes it easier for him to see the letters when they are all spread out.  (Not sure how long the styrofoam cups will last with an active 5-year old boy using them.  Y is already a little crushed.  Good thing the cups came in pack of 50. Ha!)

We also do letter and blend flash cards.  He avoids R like the plague! (Hence looking for clues on how to sound out the word red.)  Poor kid has a hard time saying Ls and Rs.  After doing a bunch of blend cards, I showed him an R blend (for example, "ri").  He'll giggle and ask for a different blend (meaning a blend without a R in it).  So I show him another blend . . . "ru".  Ha!  It's fun being a mom sometimes.  Of course, I help him say it, and we move on to another blend . . . without an R.

He gets so excited when he reads a word.  It's exciting to watch him get excited!  I'll have to try to video him reading, so I can remember him at this stage.  Some words are harder than others for him because of his letter recognition still needing some help.  Occassionally, I'll ask him to sound the blend or word in his head before saying it aloud.  He's adorable to watch because he closes his eyes and has the faintest whisper as his little mouth sounds out the letters.  (Sometimes he peeks to look at the letter again.)  Then he lights up and almost shouts the blend / word.  Today, he was trying to sound out words and had a little bit of a difficult time.  He sighed and said while hanging his head, "My bwain isn't working today."

Here are a few more pics I snapped on my cell phone.  He was so cute reading today that I couldn't resist!