Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye . . . Hello

A couple of weeks ago, we had to say goodbye to a good friend -- our cat, Patches.  We've had Patches for six years, and I can honestly say that you could not have asked for a better cat.  The Knight and I often about how "human-like" he was.  We are convinced he understood what we were saying for the most part.

Here's a few pictures from over the years . . .

Patches the kitty - June 2008
Playing tag
Loved to be right with us throughout the day
A companion
The protector of his brother and the kids
A playmate
Our other cat, Toothless, hasn't adjusted well to Patches being gone, so we decided to rescue a cat from a local shelter.

Meet Ellie Mae!

She is a 7 month tuxedo kitty.  There were over a dozen cats at the shelter, and Ellie picked us (me).  The owner said she tends to hide when new people come by, but she warmed right up to me and stayed close the whole time I was there.  Within a couple hours of arriving in her new home, she was playing and having fun exploring her new surroundings.  She was very eager to meet her new brother, but I think he was taken off guard.  Will try again tomorrow.