Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

Every year we have our family photo taken.  Every year it's in December and usually includes the colors black and red.

I was tired of the same old thing, so I arranged to have our pictures taken by our favorite photographer in the fall.  I loved how it turned out, and I think it's probably our best pictures yet!

Thanks for another great job, Dixie!

To see all the photos, go to deleesphotography and see the slideshow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Little "Pre"-Rejoicing

We received a call this afternoon offering the Knight a job!!  We still have to work out some numbers as they met him halfway on the salary.  We'd like to pray some more about it also.

But if God doesn't close a door, he'll be employed again November 5th!

SO glad we didn't have to wait until the end of the week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


UPDATE: Today's meeting was just that . . . a meeting.  They didn't offer him a job (yet).  He is one of two people being considered which is new information.  They discussed some business history, gave him some more details about the job, introduced him to someone that used to do the job, showed him around some more and discussed a potential salary / benefits package.  They said they would make a decision by the end of the week.
Back to praying we will go.  Continuing to praise the Lord for his goodness!

With switching blogs, I'm not sure I've told this story (although all two of my readers know the situation).  For memory's sake, I'm going to post this.

The Knight lost his job on August 8.  The Lord has done nothing but show his mercy and grace and provide for us during the last two and a half months.  Our faith has grown, and I can honestly say it's been a joyful time.  We're at the point where we almost have no choice but to trust in the Lord because humanly speaking there is no way out of our situation. (There are some issues with previous employer that I can't really go into.)

On September 4, the Knight started his interviewing process with a local heating and cooling company.  It has seemingly taken forever, and there were times we weren't sure if he was even still being considered because we heard nothing for two weeks!  To this point, he's had a background check run, completed an online personality test and met with their outside accounting firm.

As I type, he is on his way for a second interview.  It appears that they like him, and that he's impressed them with his knowledge, experience and professionalism (not surprising to his partial bias family).  Humanly speaking, we'd love for them to offer him the job with the salary he needs, but we are ultimately praying for the Lord's will.

The last few years the Lord has continually brought a verse to mind and has proved it in my life . . .

Those of you that know me personally can attest to the fact that I'm not a calm person in time of uncertainty.  I can't say that there haven't been times of tears or health issues to anxiety or feeling overwhelmed, but God has given us a peace.  Sometimes I question, "How can I be this calm in the middle of all this!?!"  There's only one answer.  God.  Many past experiences in my life have not left me feeling this way.  I am truly thankful for what the Lord has taught us, and if it would take going through something like this again to have our faith strengthened like it has been, than sign me up!

I'll be sure to post the results of today's interview.  Prayfully it will be with praise to the Lord no matter the outcome.

Thank you to those of you that have been praying with us through this whole ordeal.  Thank you to those of you that have no doubt sacrificially given to us in a time of need.  Our hearts are full from your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Annual Harvest Fest

Fall is definitely in the air here in the north.  We are digging into the warmer clothing boxes and decorating for fall. 
Every year our church puts on a Harvest Fest.  This year the featured activities were a family obstacle course, hatchet throwing, wheel barrel race, and pie baking / bread baking / cake decorating / pumpkin decorating contests.  The kids wanted to enter this year.  I thought it was hysterical to see Princess Sparkle on the iPod looking up types of pie to choose which kind she wanted to make.  She later told me there were such things as meat pies (said with disgust)!  Mind you, she's eaten meat pie.  She's probably never realized it was called pie.
Princess Sparkle making her Carmel Apple Pie

Princess Butterfly working on her Impossible Pumpkin Pie

Prince Bud finished his pie and is working very intently on licking the whisk!

Ready to enter her pie in the contest!

Bud's Chocolate Pie

Didn't get a picture of Butterfly with her pie -- she was off playing as soon as we arrived.

Bud playing with his friend, Kyle, on the swings

The Knight helped officiate the family obstacle course

and took out a little time to spend with his girl.

Bud must have spent hours on this playground. 
(He's in the green halfway up the steps.)

We didn't get to ride on the wagon together, but I snapped this picture of Butterfly before they drove off to pick a pumpkin.