Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Not many people can say this, but I have great in-laws.  The Lord has truly blessed me with a great second family.

This past weekend we had the privilege to celebrate their 50 years of marriage.  Lots of friends and family joined us for a beautiful reception and a delicious meal.  It was a great honor to be a part of it.

Welcome table

Some of the kitchen help

Sparkle helped fill the layers of the cake and add the first coat of icing on the cake.

Mom shared how they met and their testimony
Congratulations to a super, wonderful, loving, 
unique couple that I'm happy to be related to -- Happy 50th, Mom & Dad!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby Girl (and Baby Brother)!

I didn't forget Butterfly's birthday.  It's just been too crazy to post on time because of another upcoming event.  She was definitely celebrated on time!

Cupcakes for her Sunday School class

Chocolate Ombre Rose cake

Daddy teased her friends they had to eat worms for lunch.  He went so far as to dig up worms in the rain. Glad they thought it was funny.  We had her favorites -- pizza, chips/cheese balls, and fresh veggies and grapes.

The girls had a fun time goofing around . . .

 . . . and playing with dolls in the toy room.

She opened gifts quickly before heading back to church.

Thrilled with her new 3DS from mom & dad, Nana & Pappy, Grandma & Papaw and Uncle Josh & Aunt Mel.
 On her birthday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese after piano lessons.  (Trust me.  This is a HUGE deal as it takes a big reason for mommy to willingly go there.  It's nice to go just as school is letting out locally.  Hardly anyone else there!)

Sparkle got the bonus -- over 130 tickets!

Bud sat at this game for a long time.  He'd come get more tokens and play it again. (It was driving a ski mobile type game.)  He just kept saying, "This is awesome!  This is awesome!

We sang Happy Birthday again to her on her birthday.

Since it's a monumental birthday, I can't forget to mention my baby brother's birthday as well.  I love that Butterfly and Uncle Jon share a birthday.

I guess there's always a special place in your heart for your youngest sibling -- especially since I used to be a little momma to him when he was a baby.  I'm very proud of what he has grown up to be and all that he has worked hard to accomplish.  Actually, I'm a tad jealous of all the extra-curricular things he's been able to do.  (See a few of them below.) Ah, the single life!  Love you, Jon!  Glad your 30th was a special one for you.  Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Beginning of the End

Well, it's happened.  Our baby has lost his first tooth. 
Somehow this seems a little more final than the last bottle, diaper, or sippy cup.  He, however, was excited beyond words.  I'm glad it was a happy experience for him.  Child #2's experience wasn't quite so enjoyable, and it's made every loose tooth since an emotional experience.  He's had a loose tooth for months, but he couldn't quite get the concept of wiggling it.  One bite of a sub sandwich, a little help from Dad, and Tada!

Oh, and Bud really likes the Tooth Fairy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rubber Duckie, You're The One!

Contrary to some {cough} negativity we've been hearing around the house, the kids and I were excited to go to Pittsburgh and see the world-renowned Rubber Duck.  We know that in the "grand scheme" of things, it's not a big deal; however, we thought it was pretty cool that this was the duck's first stop in the US.

News of the duck's first visit to the US was everywhere -- on the news, in the papers.  Most of the souvenirs were sold out with only a few days left before the duck left town.  We met up with Aunt Pat and walked down the busy city streets to Point State Park to see what the buzz was all about.

It was HUGE!  Forty feet tall and thirty feet wide to be exact.  And what about something so big, yellow and cute wouldn't put a smile on your face?  Bud was the most excited to see the rubber duck, and his anticipation grew when he could see the duck through the trees as we got closer.

For a Tuesday afternoon, there was quite a crowd hovering around the duck -- even people from other countries were there snapping photos.


Bud wanted to bring his rubber ducky, so he could get a picture of him, his rubber duck and the BIG duck.  (Thank you, duck, for bringing the fact that I threw out a couple bath duckies to my son's attention. {sigh}  Just when you think they'll never notice. Although in my defense, they were gross from being used as bath toys for years.)

A few, short steps away is the Point State Park fountain.  The kids enjoyed looking at the fountain which sprays water 150 feet in the air.  The wind was blowing enough to mist everyone with water.  We didn't hang around long as the weather wasn't very conducive to running around wet.

Thanks for joining us, Aunt Pat!  We had a great time!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Just Because He's So Stinkin' Cute!

I know I'm behind on posting, but I just had to add these pictures from the other day of Bud.  He is a real joy and can always bring a smile to my face.  Thankful for my boy.
This is an art project he had in school.  Wasn't sure how well it would go over with it being a messy project and all.  He had a great time.  Sound effects and all . . . "Vroom, vroom!"

He has such a great time that he had to make another one -- one for daddy and one for mommy.

I couldn't help but share these pictures of him and his buddy "Wee-vi".  A few Sunday nights ago they played together during choir practice before church.  About 10 minutes into the service at handshaking time, they realized . . . WE MATCH!  I finally talked them into getting their picture taken together.

Of course, you have to have a crazy picture too!