Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Balance -- the Grounding Blend

For those of you that read my initial posts on essential oils, I hope you weren't holding your breath for me to make additional posts as I promised.  Obviously, this is going to be done on a time-permissive basis.

Today, I'd like to share a little bit with you about doTERRA's grounding blend called Balance.  As you can read below, it does exactly as it states.

Click to enlarge

I use this blend almost daily, and it has become one of my favorite doTERRA products. There are days I don't know how I would function without it. It has helped me deal with motherhood, homeschooling and all the things that life throws at me. Friends have even commented that they can't believe how calm I am in a situation.  (Friends that know me, oh too well, and know that I would normally be flipping out!)  BELIEVE ME when I say, Balance is the reason why!

This short video shows you how quickly and to what extent this blend can calm and balance your body.  Because doTERRA's essential oils are so pure and effective, you can see result in as little as 30 seconds.  Take a look!

Feel free to comment or contact me if you are interested in learning more about Balance or any other doTERRA product.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas 2013 -- The Condensed Version

Pretend this is read like the fine print at the end of auto sales commercial  . . . nospacesnobreathsandsuperfast!

Little Girls Baking Club - Princess Sparkle tied for 1st place!

Finally found some decorations for on top of the closet in the entryway.  LOVE IT!

Celebrated Christmas with a friend that knitted each child their very own hat.

Got to spend time celebrating Christmas with this cutie pa-tootie!

Oh, and the rest of mom's family . . .

but everything pretty much revolved around her . . .

until we found out she is going to be a BIG SISTER!  Congrats, Aunt Mel & Uncle Josh!

The ornament I made for the sibling ornament exchange -- shrunken chip mobile for Jon,

The ornament I received from Steve.  (We don't even try to come close to this skill level.  It would just make us look worse.  Whittled from a couple 2x4s. Hmph!)

The ornament the Knight received from Anna. (An awesome compliment to the ornament I received.)

Church Christmas program - Bud with his age group

Butterfly (far right) with her friends from Sunday School performing their part.

Nana (aka church secretary) being recognized for the amazing support she gives the church staff.

My Knight (aka church treasurer) being recognized for his exemplary work on the church finances.

Christmas Day - Round 1 with Nana & Pappy

Sparkle finally got her Vera Bradley purse & wallet.

Daddy getting a new winter coat.

Bud trying to drag off all his loot before the rest of the family came.

His bag was partially filled with this new tire pillow from Nana & Pappy and this ragtime quilt that Mommy made for his bed.

Christmas Day - Round 2 with the cousins (Daddy's side)
We decided to open gifts in two rounds -- kids then adults.  With 21 of us, the kids don't like to wait their turn anyway.

Round 3 with the adults - So much easier now that we do grab bag style.
Over-sized lap blanket and feet warmer I made for Aunt Pat.
Cousins hanging out in the "kid cave" playing their DSs while the adults hung out and talked.

Sparkle and Daddy working on her new 3D puzzle.


Above average temps gave Bud the opportunity to drive around his new orange 'maro!  (He wanted me to take a picture of the front of the car, then her turned it around and told me to take a picture of the back too.)  Love that kid.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Weekend Of Thanksgiving

A little behind, but I don't want to forget the fun weekend we had.

Right before Gramma and Papaw came, a snowstorm moved through -- it was nice packing snow.  The kids enjoyed rolling up the snow. I thought it was funny that it picked up everything and left "clean" grass in the paths.  In the backyard, they attached snowballs to some twine that was hanging in a tree (no doubt from another one of their creative adventures).  It reminded me of the play area that Manny on Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs made for his soon-to-be baby mammoth.

This is the beautiful floral arrangement my in-laws sent us to enjoy for Thanksgiving.

My blessed family enjoying Thanksgiving "dinner".

After we ate, the kids read their list of things they were thankful for (with a little help from Daddy).

We found a new craft that we like to do . . . making window clings.  Click here to see how to make them.

Friday we drug Gramma and Papaw along with us to cut down our Christmas tree.  It was cold, unlike last year, and the pickin' was slim!  We wandered around the hillside for what seemed like forever.  The kids got bored and had fun scooting along on the incline near where we finally found a tree.

We ended up settling on a tree that was good enough.  Was really bummed as all the branches/needles were sparse and already looked like they were dying.  This year's tree was closer to 10'.  It made us laugh when we though about how much smaller it looked than last year's tree.

That's the Knight -- the gray ball at the bottom of the tree -- cutting down our tree.
After we cut down our tree (and drug it for what felt like forever back to our car), we met up with Nana and Pappy at the Chinese buffet for dinner before Gramma and Papaw headed back home.  Everyone surprised me with a birthday celebration at the conclusion of our meal.  It was sweet and thoughtful -- made me feel very special!