Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valen-100 Day!

It just so happened that our 100th day of school and Valentine's Day coincided.  So we're going to celebrate both!

We started out with a "hearty" breakfast. (Honestly, I didn't even think about that until it was typed. HA!)

Please excuse the goofy child with bacon hanging out of her mounth. She wanted it there on purpose. {sigh}
 The kids were excited to see this when they entered the school room today . . .

The kids made Day 100 shirts.  I thought it was neat that they each did something different.  We had looked at a couple ideas online to get their creative juices flowing.

I HAD to add this picture -- one of many tries.  When I said "Smile for a picture", this is what I had to deal with.

Then we made snack necklaces out of Fruit Loops as we counted to 100!

For lunch, I thought of making pizza with heart-shaped pepperonis, but my kids don't eat pepperoni.  The two younger kids had french bread pizza, and I made a heart-shaped cheesy chicken quesadilla for the oldest.  Note to self: cutting pineapple into heart shapes isn't a great idea -- it's stringy and doesn't want to cut easily.  Your first option, watermelon, was the better choice.  Next time, keep searching until you find some.

Since Prince Bud is just starting to grasp what 100 is, he enjoyed a couple different activities than the girls.
He "put" 10 gumballs in 10 gumball machines.  Started out as dots, then circles, then connect-the-dots . . . boys.

We've changed Bud sleep schedule, so he's getting more sleep . . . can you tell?!?

Later I found his 100-stickered monster with a pushpin through his eye! His inner boy is really starting to come out.  We're rather enjoying it since he's been hanging out and copying his two older sisters all his life.
The girls made 100 Days Smarter hats with 100 stickers. I knew those stickers would come in handy someday!

Princess Buttfly with all her Day 100 garb she made today.

This sneaky girl managed to get away without any pictures at the end of the day.
What a fun day we had!  We ended it by watching a movie together while eating one of the kids' favorite meals -- appetizers!  Had to change dinner plans when the Knight got home late.  We'll plan to have our steaks and chocolate pie on Saturday!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Need To Get Crackin'!

Other than pictures of Christmas (which I still need to blog), we don't have many recent pictures to share because my camera was MIA.  How it got lost under Bud's bed is beyond me!!  Although, you would have thought I'd would have looked there first with everything he keeps putting under there.  Wonder when he'll learn I'm always going to look under there when I tell him to clean his room?!?  Oh, well.
What a strange winter this has been so far.  I can't really put my thumb on why exactly.  Just seems to be out of the ordinary for us.  We can't seem to find a rythmn or routine.  We ended last year and started the new one with six weeks of sickness -- passing various things around from coughs and colds to fevers and chills.  I cannot express how thankful I am that we are passed that -- praying we've paid our dues in that department and will remain healthy the rest of the winter season with all these nasty germs floating around!
Princess Butterfly seemed to endure the worst physically speaking.  She became dehydrated when she was attacked by a stomach bug.  We finally nursed her back to health after a few days of bed rest, so thankful she made it through without any major issues!  The thing is about that girl . . . you have to watch her constantly to make sure she's drinking enough.  It's nothing for her to go a whole day and only have a small glass of something.  I had a harsh reminder when she passed out in my arms one morning.  Needless to say, we now have a chart in the kitchen where she marks how many cups of fluid she drinks each day.  A reminder for both of us.  Maybe someday it will become a habit for her to drink an acceptable amount.  For now, I'll look at pictures like this and smile at how cute she is walking around with her little cup, sippin' away!

As for the normality of our lives and more pictures . . . I need to get crackin'!